Dual Enrollment 2018


2018 – 2019 Dual Enrollment


New Procedures for Dual Enrollment

  • Pasco-Hernando State College (PHSC) has initiated a new online Dual Enrollment (DE) application/registration process effective for all grade levels next school year.
  • PHSC Admissions Page provides updated information for students about Dual Enrollment. DE students may only register for 2018 Fall term.


  1. New to PHSC: New DE students complete an online application
  2. Students complete this DE Course Request Planning Worksheet (below) and return it to their High School Counselor by June 7 for review and approval/denial.
  3. Currently enrolled students: All currently enrolled 10th and 11th grade DE students must log-in to digitally sign the Terms and Conditions online by June 14th.
    Click here to access.
  4. Parents receive an email notification and must log-in to digitally sign the Terms and Conditions for their child’s participation in the DE Program by June 21st. (Note: Please check your spam folder for emails from ngwebsolutions if this email isn’t in your inbox).
  5. High School Counselors process the enrollment requests and submit supporting documentation online by June 28th.
  6. Students will receive email notification from a PHSC Academic Advisor of approval/denied DE courses by July 12th. This email will be sent to each student’s PHSC email address.
  7. Students log into their PHSC WISE account and register, following the dates and times below, for approved courses. The deadlines indicated above must be met in order to access online registration during the dates and times outlined below.
  8. Click here for the Dual Enrollment Course Request Planning Worksheet