Schools closed for students through April 15.  School will resume virtually for students on Tuesday, March 31. Please visit our new coronavirus website for additional information.

Seniors – Class of 2020

Senior Notables


  Most Artistic    Christian Mendoza Yasmine Mendenhall
  Most Athletic Dontae Marchman Jaydean Ireland
  Most Likely to Succeed   Tanner Politi Abagail Wilder
  Most Musical Heaven Simmons Sidney Dunn
  Most School Spirited  Devin  Nowakowski Kayla Zine
  Best Dressed   Benjamin Rodriguez Ricci Guico
  Best Personality   Dashawn Walden Kirsten Johnson
  Best Smile Alejandro Otero Ja’mauri Sallie



Calendar of Events

  January 28      7:30 am – 1:00 pm Cap & Gown Photos
  February 6 6:00 pm ZHS Curriculum
  February 8    7:00 am ACT exam
  February 21   10:30 am Decision Day Lunch Recognition
  March 14   7:30 am SAT exam
  March 28      8:30 am – 12:30 pm AP Review Day at District Bldgs. 2 & 3
  April 18-19      3:00 pm – 5:00 am Grad Bash –  Cost: $130.00
  April 24  10:30 am Decision Day Lunch Recognition
  April 25  7:00 pm Prom – Tampa Starship Yacht
  May 19  TBA 4.0 Senior Breakfast
  May 26-27  TBA Graduation Practice
  TBA    TBA Baccalaureate
  May 27   TBA Senior Brunch
  June 4    3:00 pm Graduation – Yuengling Center

Important to Note

  • Grad Bash money will be collected by Mrs. Hochstetler in room 26-213 only before and after school.  Deadline is March 1.
  • Cap & gowns will be on sale during the months of February and April. See Mrs. Topham on the stage during lunches. Cost is $70.
  • Pre-order your 2020 yearbook. See the school web site for details. Cost is $75. The price will increase if purchased at time of delivery in May.


   Senior Administrator Mrs. Topham
   Senior Sponsor Mrs. Hochstetler
   Yearbook Mrs. Jones



Order Your 2020 Yearbook

$75 Cash~Check~Credit/Debit Card

3 Ways to Order:

1. Online at – click here. Credit/Debit Card. (if you want a name stamp or icon on your yearbook cover, you will need to order directly through Walsworth).
2. ACORN Online Portal – click here (Credit/Debit Card)
3. See Mrs. Jones (room 106) or Ms. Dawson (room 107) with cash, check or credit/debit card. Name stamps and icons can be purchased here.


Herff Jones supplies cap & gowns, graduation announcements, class rings and other graduation products. To contact Herff Jones, please click here.