In order to protect the health and safety of employees, staff, and students, all those who access Pasco County School locations must self-screen for symptoms and other risk factors of COVID-19 daily. If you answer YES to any of the questions, you should NOT be on campus. Access the Visitor Screener or the Student Screener online.

Faculty/Staff 2020 – 2021


Office of School Counseling

Fecht, Brittany
PACE REACH Therapist
Gillies, Kristen  School Counselor – 9th Grade
Hall, Tricia
Gifted Teacher/AVID
Jackson, Shay School Counselor – 11th Grade
Link, Elizabeth
Social Worker
Manning, Traci
School Nurse
Metzger, John
School Counselor –  10th Grade
Moore, Julie 
School Counselor – 12th Grade
Ramos, Lizette
Dropout Prevention
Simons, April Career Specialist
Tapasak, Renee School Psychologist
Williams, Anthony Behavior Specialist

Language Arts

 Teacher  Email
Astl, Catherine
Drysdale, Denise
Durling, Timothy – Graduation Enhancement – AVID
Franklin, Pauli
Granger King, Regina
Hochstetler, Tammy
McNally, Cassidy
Morell, Stephanie
Saly, Nicole
Santiago, Justin
Slouha, Andrea
Travis, Taylor

Social Studies

 Teacher  Email
Briggs, Rick
Dorkowski, Kathleen
Eggleston, Theodora
Gude, Joseph
Jenkins, Michael
Leavy, Jerome
Rowe, Dustin
Sheehan-Shepherd, Mark
Sparks, William


 Teacher  Email
Allen IV, Raleigh
Barrett, Danielle
Canan, Tiffany
Ellis, Matthew
Ellis, Phillip
Oppenheimer, Jeremy
Rowe, Tara
Smith, Sherry
Sutton, Catherine


 Teacher  Email
Burnett, Johnathan
Hoskins, Michelle
Jennings, Tracy
Johnson, Austin
O’Laughlin, Christine
Pitts, Camryn
Reed, Jennifer
Reese, Stacie
Russello, Cassandra
Walters, Deborah
Winslett, Elizabeth

Career & Technical Education

 Teacher  Email
Dawson, Lisa
Fernandez, Thomas
John, Leanne
Kennedy, Kathy
Health Occupations
Lancaster-Charles, Janae
Criminal Justice
Posada, Nicolas
Thompson, Kenneth
Criminal Justice


Fine Arts & World Languages

 Teacher  Email
Gonzalez, Victoria
Gore, Louise
Luby, Amanda
Sanchez, Annetta
Schmidt, Russell
Wallace, Kira
3-D Art


 Teacher  Email
McAuley, Jimmy
Smith, Michael

Driver’s Ed

 Teacher  Email
O’Donnell, Thomas

Physical Education/HOPE

 Teacher  Email
Carroll, Nicholas
Cimorelli, Bruce – Athletic Director
Kirk, James
Soellner, John
Vickers, Nancy


Mullins, Lawrence
Resource Management Associate


Bissett, Joyce 
Transition Assistant
Davis, Patty
Compliance Resource Teacher/ESE
Devlin, Katherine Instructional Assistant ESE
Fiallo-Folch, Domingo Teacher IND
Galyan, Bobby VE/IND
Gomez, Alexandra Teacher VE
Hochstetler, Tammy Teacher VE
Jones, Haley Instructional Assistant ESE
Jordan, Mary Lou
Louis, Ruth
Instructional Assistant ESE
Markel, Cathlyn
Teacher VE
Millen, Paula Speech Language Pathologist
Novak, Michael
Teacher VE
Pinkerton, Michelle
Instructional Assistant ESE
Reiner, Brittnye
Compliance Resource Teacher/ESOL
Terranova, William
Teacher VE
Tudor, Kenneth
Teacher VE
Walters, Deborah
Teacher VE

Drop Out Prevention/Graduation Enhancement/SSAP

Barrick, Christopher
Graduation Enhancement
Hochstetler, Troy
Graduation Enhancement 
Lyman, Darlene
Graduation Enhancement
Pardo, Kimberly
Graduation Enhancement
Thomas, Bryan
Graduation Enhancement

Support Staff

McCafferty, Adianna Administrative Assistant
Fogarty, Texie Angela 
Secretary III/Sub Coordinator
Anderson, Kelly
Instructional Trainer Coach
Blevins, Myrtle Secretary III – Student Services
Boyette, Darrell Assistant Plant Manager
Deputy Cloversettle, Jim
School Resource Officer
Daniel, Susan
Discipline – IA  
Dyser, Dorraine
Ferraina, Denise Food & Nutrition Assistant Manager
Garcia-Villalta, Gonzalo
Jontra, Jay
Instructional Asst./Integrated Learning System
Kerr, Brittany
Secretary III
Kiedaisch, Jasen
Plant Manager
Massey, Serenity BCE Student – Front Office
Mastykarz, Rebecca Food & Nutrition Manager
Reese, Nancy
Data Entry
Thompson, Ashley Amber
IA/Student Discipline
Tiwarie, Leeta
Clinic Assistant
Williams, Judith
IA/Parent Involvement