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Pasco County Schools Course Catalog

Pasco County Schools offer a wide variety of courses for our secondary students. This course catalog is designed to assist students and families in selecting the courses that will allow our students to successfully progress through our system and to graduate college and career ready. To view the Course Catalog, please click here. 

ZHS Course Descriptions:

Safe Behind the Wheel

Grade Point Average (GPA):

High School Grading Scale
   A = 90 – 100
   B = 80 – 89
   C = 70 – 79
   D = 60 – 69
   F =   0 – 59
   I = Incomplete
GPA Calculations
   A weighted GPA includes any additional points from taking advanced classes.
   An unweighted GPA does not include those additional points and it is what is used for graduation eligibility.<
   Note: A minimum 2.0 unweighted cumulative GPA is required in order to graduate.
Regular Honors AP & Dual Enrollment
   A = 4.0    A = 4.5    A = 5
   B = 3.0    B = 3.5    B = 4
   C = 2.0    C = 2.5    C = 3
   D = 1.0    D = 1.5    D = 2
   F = 0    F = 0    F = 0
Class Rank
   At the end of the seventh semester, the class rank GPA will be calculated by:
  • Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, all semester grades for courses completed for high school credit while enrolled in grades 6-12 will count in the Class Rank GPA.
  • Courses taken for high school credit in grades K-8 prior to 2014-2015 school year will not be included in the Class Rank GPA.
  • Note: in the event of tied ranks for valedictorian and/or salutatorian, the principal shall award the co-valedictorian and/or salutatorian positions.